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Simon the Sorcerer: Origins – A Modern Take on Classic Point-and-Click Adventure Gaming

Simon the Sorcerer: Origins

Released in 2024, Simon the Sorcerer: Origins is the official prequel to the beloved point-and-click adventure series. It serves as an excellent entry point for newcomers and a nostalgic return for fans of the original. This game not only rekindles the charm of the classic series but also introduces modern elements that make it a standout in today’s gaming landscape. If you’re looking for an engaging experience that melds the old with the new, then Simon the Sorcerer: Origins is a title you will want to take advantage of.

A Deeper Dive into the Narrative

Simon the Sorcerer: Origins delves into the lore of the original series, exploring Simon’s origins and early encounters with magic. The prequel provides a much deeper understanding of Simon’s character, shedding light on his family, his first steps into the world of sorcery, and the events that ultimately led to his iconic adventures. The complex and multi-layered storyline provides ample content for players to sink their teeth into. Key elements to highlight include:

Introduction of New Characters

These characters play pivotal roles in Simon’s journey, enriching the series’ universe and providing fresh faces that both new and returning players will appreciate. For example, players meet Simon’s parents, who are essential in fueling his thirst for adventure and knowledge. There’s also Simon’s mentor, a wise and somewhat eccentric sorcerer who takes Simon under his wing, guiding him through the intricacies of magic. His friendships, too, are essential, with new allies introduced who bring their quirks and skills to the table. Every new character has a detailed backstory and personality, adding depth and color to the narrative.

Expanded Magical World

The game offers intricate details about different magical realms and societies, painting a vivid picture of the universe Simon inhabits. Each realm has unique folklore, magical laws, and governing bodies, creating a richly textured world that feels alive and varied. In addition to interacting with mystical creatures, players will explore bustling magical marketplaces, haunted castles, and enchanted forests. Every location has a unique topography and culture, with non-playable characters (NPCs) and unique customs, garb, and speech patterns. The world is more captivating and immersive when there is this much detail.

Insight into Magical Abilities

We learn about the source of Simon’s powers, presenting a more nuanced understanding of magic in this universe. The game dives into the mechanics of spells, potions, and magical artefacts, explaining how they work and their limitations. Players are introduced to various magical schools, each focusing on different types of incantations and charms, from elemental manipulation to summoning. The progression system is also robust, allowing Simon to gain new abilities and improve his existing ones gradually. The spells Simon learns not only aid him in solving puzzles but also reveal hidden areas and storylines, adding to the depth of the gameplay.

Premonition of Upcoming Events

For seasoned viewers, there are subtly hinting and nodding references to the original series, which establish continuity and increase anticipation. The game establishes the backdrop for the events in subsequent installments through enigmatic clues, old-fashioned books, and foretelling dreams. For those aware of Simon’s subsequent adventures, these connections between Origins and the original series enhance the experience. The game becomes more than just a prequel—it becomes an essential component of the larger story—thanks to this deft use of foreshadowing, which enhances the story and the lore.

Themes of Self-discovery and Friendship

The prequel explores themes such as the balance between good and evil, self-discovery, and friendship in greater depth. Simon’s journey is as much about understanding his place in the world as his adventures in the magical realms. The game delves into his internal conflicts, moments of doubt, and brave decisions. It also highlights the importance of relationships, how his friends influence his path, and the lessons he learns from them. These universal and relatable themes make Simon’s story compelling and emotionally resonant.

Modernized Gameplay: Dual Control Schemes

One of the standout features of Simon the Sorcerer: Origins is its dual control scheme. This innovative approach ensures that the game appeals to long-time fans who are used to the classic point-and-click mechanics and new players who prefer more contemporary control methods.

Classic Point-and-Click Interface

This method is familiar to original series fans, allowing players to interact with the game environment by clicking on objects and characters to initiate actions or dialogue. This traditional approach enhances the nostalgic experience for long-time players, enabling them to navigate the game just as they did in the past. The interface is streamlined and user-friendly, making accessing the inventory, spells, and map easy. This method also encourages thorough exploration, as players often have to click on various objects and characters to discover secrets or trigger events, evoking the spirit of classic adventure gaming.

Modern Control Scheme

This introduces a more accessible and intuitive way to engage with the game, catering to new players and those who may prefer alternative methods. Including a direct movement option, players can guide Simon around the game world with their keyboard or controller, offering a more direct and seamless exploration experience. The modern control scheme makes the game feel more dynamic and responsive, especially during puzzle-solving and interactive sequences. This control flexibility ensures that a broad audience can enjoy Simon the Sorcerer: Origins, irrespective of their gaming background.

Overall, the dual control system effectively caters to veteran and novice players, providing the best of both worlds regarding gameplay accessibility.

Hilarious Script

The game’s script retains the series’ signature British humor, with witty dialogue and clever jokes that will have you chuckling. Whether you’re a fan of dry wit, slapstick, or clever wordplay, Simon the Sorcerer: Origins has something to tickle your funny bone. The dialogue is sharp and well-written, often poking fun at both fantasy tropes and contemporary issues in a light-hearted manner. Characters deliver lines with perfect comedic timing, and numerous Easter eggs and references add to the humor. This makes the game a joy, providing constant entertainment beyond the core narrative and gameplay mechanics.

Simon the Sorcerer: Origins' - AI-generated image

Beautiful Hand-Drawn Visuals

The game boasts a charming art style with vibrant, hand-drawn environments and characters. The visual presentation is both nostalgic and fresh, capturing the essence of the original series while bringing it up to modern standards. Each scene is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, bringing the magical world to life. The hand-drawn characters are expressive and unique, and their animated movements are fluid and lively. The use of color is particularly striking, with each area having its own distinct palette that sets the mood and atmosphere. Standout visual moments include intricately designed magical realms and richly detailed character animations. The art style immerses players in Simon’s world and enhances the overall storytelling.

Classic Point-and-Click Puzzles

Expect a healthy dose of puzzles that require you to think creatively and combine items in unexpected ways. While avoiding spoilers, imagine using a mundane item like a broom in a magical context to solve a puzzle. The game’s challenges are designed to be satisfyingly challenging but never frustrating. They also immerse players in the game world and encourage exploration, rewarded with witty dialogue exchanges and hidden secrets. Simon the Sorcerer: Origins is a thoughtful and well-paced game that doesn’t rely on cheap tricks or tedious puzzles to prolong gameplay.


Simon the Sorcerer: Origins successfully captures the spirit of the original series while modernizing its gameplay and presentation. It offers an engaging story, lovable characters, hilarious humor, and challenging puzzles that will entertain you for hours. Whether you’re a veteran fan or new to the franchise, this prequel is a must-play for any adventure gaming enthusiast. So gather your magical items, cast your spells, and join Simon on an unforgettable journey through the land of magic and mayhem. Let the adventure begin!


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